Somali musicians threatening phone calls

The growth number of concerns we have received has risen from many Somali singers and musicians they start receiving threatening phone calls people who claimed to be a member of
Al shabaab mujahideen
and ordering them to stop singing or they will get killed wherever they are.

As we use to offer in the past singers contact number to anyone who was planning to have wedding or private ceremony we discontinued that service package.

As we are the biggest Somali musics/films founder and producers,

We take very seriously the safety of our Musicians to insure their privacy is our first priority

Here is example news sources from CNN Click this link.

However we don’t offer artist or musicians contact details anymore unless you are based in Europe/Us/Canada/Asia/Australia registered as a trade and we are doing business together.

However if you are new client who wants do business with us please fill the form in the contact page

Thank you for your understanding

Management team


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